The 40 Best Google Tools For Productivity And Marketing


The 40 Best Google Tools For Productivity And Marketing

Google has a wide range of tools for nearly every business need imaginable. Here are some of the best ones.

18 Next-Level Google Search Tips for GREATER Productivity | Handy Hudsonite

Want better ways to search on Google to save time and find more accurate results? I’ll show you 18 next-level Google search tips using powerful operators that will help filter results more efficiently so you can be more productive, minimizing unnecessary search results. Be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more tips, hacks, and reviews so you can get the job done!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:11 – Target one type of file (filetype:) operator
00:00:59 – Find related websites (related:) operator
00:01:36 – Include specific terms (+) operator
00:02:06 – Exclude specific terms (-) operator
00:02:40 – Exact match (‘ ‘) or (“ “) operator
00:03:22 – Explore site’s index (site:) operator
00:03:53 – Explore site’s subdomains (site:* -www) operator
00:04:30 – For a logical “OR” (OR) and (|) operators
00:05:05 – Group search terms () operator
00:05:43 – Find results with synonyms (~) operator
00:06:22 – Match broadly with wildcards (*) operator
00:07:23 – Find the cached version of a page (cache:) operator
00:08:09 – Find specific quote or phrase on any site (“ “) operator
00:08:49 – Wildcard to finish missing statement (*) operator
00:09:31 – Find results after a certain date (:after) operator
00:10:03 – Find results between two dates (..) operator
00:10:58 – Find all sizes of a particular image
00:11:54 – Find specific priced items ($.) operator
00:12:44 – Conclusion

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5 Free Productivity Tools & Hacks For Realtors | Best Tech Tools For Real Estate Agents

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00:00 – 5 Free Tools For Realtors
00:15 – First Tech Tip For Real Estate Agents
00:48 – 2nd Best Productivity Tool For Realtors
01:26 – 3rd Productivity Hack For New Real Estate Agents
02:24 – 4th Tech Tool For Realtors
03:08 – 5th Productivity Tip For Real Estate Agents
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10 Best Organizational Tools for your Productivity in 2022

Organize your workflow and boost your productivity with the services, apps and tools we reviewed in this video. More useful videos like this in the playlist on our channel: &list=PLDVodYm4FM5zD01jiouTxWiYiozatAYcN

00:32 1. Slack
01:46 2. Trello
03:01 3. Notion
04:25 4. Jira by Atlassian
05:40 5. Discord
07:03 6. Miro
08:32 7. Asana
09:48 8. JetBrains
11:17 9. Remember The Milk
12:39 10. Todoist

My Top 13 Productivity Tools & Tricks as an ADHD Entrepreneur

My Top 13 Productivity Tools & Tricks as an ADHD Entrepreneur

00:00 Intro
00:51 1. Amazon Echo with Google Calendar
01:55 2. Google Calendar
03:00 3. Notion
03:53 4. August Bradley’s Pillars Pipelines & Vaults system
06:55 5.
08:16 6. 1Focus
09:03 7. Alarm Clock
09:39 8. Chrome Extensions (OneTab, Pin It Button,
10:45 9. Unroll.Me & Gmail Hacks
11:35 10. Food (Instant Pot, Blender, Kettle)
12:33 11. Fitness (Surya Namaskar YouTube videos, massage gun, ice baths)
14:17 12. Podcasts & Playlists on Spotify
15:03 13. Google Photos & Google Drive

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