State Of SEO: In-House Report


State Of SEO: In-House Report

Want to take a deeper dive into the current state of in-house SEO? Read the exclusive report and learn more.

WEBINAR: State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: Project & Expenditure Reporting Pt. I

Treasury facilitated a webinar in April 2022 on project & expenditure reporting and compliance for the SLFRF program. This webinar is Part I, and focuses on simplified submissions under revenue replacement.

Please note that these materials provide an overview of the guidance and should not be used as a substitute for reviewing the guidance in full, as well as the Award Terms and Conditions, the authorizing statute, the Final Rule, and other regulatory and statutory requirements.

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Weekend Update: Democrats Win Senate in 2022 Midterms, Rupert Murdoch Turns on Trump – SNL

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like Reverend Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker facing off in a runoff election.

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How to Succeed in SEO in 2023 | SEO Trends in 2023 | SEO Strategy in 2023 | Amit Tiwari

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Some recommended sources to study basics on your own
Google Search Central:
Aleyda Solis:
Umar Tazkeer:
Google Search Essential Guide:

Browse all course at

This course is designed to give you the comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of critical aspects of SEO.

Search engines don’t lie about what they want.

They want fast websites with great content that is useful for their search users, but how do you do that?

In this course, I will show you

How to create usable websites
How to create fast websites
How to find keywords that matter to your website
How to write content for these keywords
How to use your competitors’ websites for your content
How to use Google to get content for your website
How to perform technical audit of a website in real world (2 live demos)
How to create backlinks (new approach)
How to really use GA4
How to write best titles/descriptions
How to handle 404 pages
How to handle canonical tags
How to create perfect homepage for your website
How to get your pages indexed
These are the topics that I want to teach you in live classes where you can ask your questions, clear your doubts, and get the training that you need to advance your career.

How to Succeed in SEO in 2023 | SEO Trends in 2023 | SEO Strategy in 2023 | Amit Tiwari

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How to Succeed in SEO in 2023 | SEO Trends in 2023 | SEO Strategy in 2023 | Amit Tiwari

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1 Dirty Google My Business Trick Your Competitors Are Using in 2022 (and how to fight back)

If you are a small business, Google My Business is a fantastic tool to reach out to new customers. Despite being free, a Google My Business listing is also a powerful way of showcasing your business to visitors and convince them you are the best local option.
That’s if your listing ranks high enough in Google Maps and Google Local search results. Unfortunately, like most digital tools, Google My Business has flaws and rankings can easily be manipulated.
In this video I show you the most popular dirty tactics some of your competitors are using to rank their Google My Business Listing higher than yours and how to fight back.
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��Links mentioned in the Video
○ Google My Business Guidelines
○ How Much Do Keywords in the Business Name Impact Ranking?
○ Google My Business redressal form

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