Social Media Logos: How To Use & Where To Download Them


Social Media Logos: How To Use & Where To Download Them

Social icons are a good way to connect with your audience and increase your followers, but they have specific guidelines that must be followed.

How to Insert Social Icons into Word | Microsoft Word Tutorials

If you need to insert and align any social media icons into your word document this tutorial will show you how. no fancy graphics, just simple and straight forward.

social icons in word
social media icons

Microsoft Word Tutorials
Within all my tutorials I aim to help you develop your skills working within Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as further your knowledge about the tools which are available within the Microsoft Office Software.
Throughout this channel I aim to cover simple subjects such as page numbers, margins, headers and footers, image, pictures and fonts as well as more advanced themes such as tables, mail merge, table of contents and electronic signatures.
Sharing tips and tricks which I discover along my journey is also an important aspect of this channel. I love the idea of giving people the solution to a problem they’ve been struggling with in Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.
The channel began all because of a problem I had when I had to insert images into a Word Document. I couldn’t find a way to drag and drop multiple images into a table without them expanding across the page, being cropped or interfering with the rest of the text. It wasn’t until I finally sat down one day, determined to find the solution and developed a way to solve the problem. Having found the problem quite difficult to solve without knowing how to do it I decided to make a You Tube video about it. Never once believing that many people would watch it, let alone be so grateful.
After discovering how helpful a simple tutorial could be I decided to make further videos with the aim of once again helping as many people as possible.

Marketing literature, dissertation, thesis, college paper, reports, assignments, essays, articles, letters, invoices, presentations, school work, posters, flyers, cards, greeting cards, artwork, invitations, certificates, legal papers, etc.

Social media icons

How to: Social Media Pop Up (OBS & StreamElements) FREE DOWNLOAD & Tutorial

Step by step guide tutorial on making your own social media pop up for livestreaming or recording. Edit you Twitch clips using COMBO: (ad)


How to do it with streamlabs:


• Complete OBS Studio guide:
• Customize your Twitch Channel 2021:
• How to setup Twitch Donations:

00:00 Intro
00:25 AD spot
01:27 Setting up the canvas
02:41 Creating the background
07:46 Download social media icons
09:28 Adding the text
10:29 Finishing touches and details
11:38 Saving as PNG
12:39 How to setup social media popup in Streamelements
16:40 How to add sponsor banner to OBS studio
18:31 Go to for free overlays

▬ How to grow on Twitch:
▬ Streamlabs OBS Tutorials:
▬ Content Creator Tech Reviews:

It’s called sponsor banner, social media pop up, social media lower third, social media rotator, etc… in this video I explain step by step how to design your own and set it up using streamelements and OBS Studio.
The first step is to create a basic shape and add your social media icon and tag. Then export each of the tags as png images. In your streamelements overlay you want to add a widget, and under “Static / custom” you can select Asset rotator/Slideshow. You can then upload each image and set the timing you want. Save the overlay and add it as a browser source in OBS Studio or streamlabs OBS and you’re done. Enjoy!

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▬ Get Streamlabs PRIME:

▬ Get Animated Twitch overlay with Nerd Or Die:



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How to Create Custom Social Media Icons on Canva

Having your own custom, on brand social media icons will elevate your website, print marketing materials, social media posts, and more!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to easily create custom social media icons using @canva a FREE cloud-based design software.

Psst! To create an icon for your website, search for “link” and use the chainlink icon.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Creating the Canvas
0:55 Designing the Icons
3:27 Downloading
5:16 Next Steps

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