How To Use Google Ads For Shopify Success


How To Use Google Ads For Shopify Success

Get expert advice and proven tips for successfully driving the most qualified traffic to your Shopify store using Google Ads.

How We Did $115,000 in 15 Days With Google ADs | Shopify Ecommerce #shorts

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Google Ads Strategy for Shopify Stores – A Live Audit & Tutorial

This is how you setup and run Google Ads campaigns for a Shopify Store!!!

Zapatla, a Shopify store from Pakistan had seen some good success with Facebook Ads, however they couldn’t replicate it with Google Ads.

So Ali Abidi and I hopped on a zoom call to review what they had done so far and if there were suggestions I could provide to help improve their Google Ads campaigns.

Turns out that they had not setup conversions actions properly and there wasn’t any dynamic remarketing tag in place. Besides, they had only tried Google Search Ads campaigns, that too without segregating these campaigns for brand, non-brand, competitor keywords.

They had not even tried a Dynamic Search Ads campaign or Standard Shopping campaign yet. Obviously the performance campaign was a thought in distant future.

This audit provides a step-by-step ppc guide into how to setup and run Google Ads campaigns for a shopify store.

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Google Ads for Shopify | The Critical Settings for eCommerce Ads Success

There are a host of items that Google wants you to do when you’re going to run ads to an eCommerce store. What’s frustrating is: They don’t always tell you what these are! In this video, Kasim walks through some key pieces you need to have in place in order to run eCommerce campaigns to your Shopify store.

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Google Ads + Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

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❤️ Get a step by step beginner Google Ads tutorial for your Shopify store. While I specialize in dropshipping, this exact same setup can be used for any eCommerce business running on Shopify.

We will set up your Google ads account, your Google Merchant center account, create your first Google Shopping campaign, and set up Google conversion tracking so you can record which products received purchases. Btw it’s not called adwords anymore.

If you’re struggling with Facebook ads and wondering what you should do when you get banned, disabled, or restricted… you should definitely try to get your account back first. But while you’re waiting you can make some extra cash and passive income on the side by advertising your winning products on Google. You might even find a completely separate hot selling product to profit from.

Although Facebook ads have been overall more profitable for me due to being able to scale to high sales numbers very quickly with a viral product, I am seeing a better ROI ratio from Google on low budgets.

Also with Google ads, it’s easier to also advertise high ticket products. Facebook definitely works best with impulse purchases which are more likely to happen with lower ticket products. But because people are already searching for high ticket items like canoes, solar panels, and a 200-foot snowman decoration, they already expect to pay a lot ahead of time.

Hey, my name is Matt Riley.

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