How To Build A Remote Team For SEO: Planning & Structure


How To Build A Remote Team For SEO: Planning & Structure

Has your agency or SEO team become remote-first? This series provides everything you need to know for building a successful remote team.

Building a Remote Team | Jonathan Cann | Masterclass

Experiences in building a remote team. Jonathan will show you how to build a team remotely and what management techniques worked for him during the global pandemic.

With most of the world shifting to working from home during the pandemic it became clear that remote working is the new reality. For many companies building a remote working team has become a number one priority. Namecheap has a lot of experience in hiring remote workers and building remote team, as we are a global company with people from all over the world. In this masterclass, Namecheap’s Global CRM Director Jonathan Cann is going to tell you how he’s build remote teams from scratch, give advice on how to hire the right people and what to look at in their day-to-day work. These, and a lot more valuable tips will help you understand the core principles of building a remote team for your own business.

About Jonathan Cann:
With over 20 years’ experience creating and delivering customer transformational programmes across varied markets including ecommerce, mobile/telecommunications, retail finance and technology, Jonathan worked in numerous countries within multi-national corporates and start-ups. Over the last 4 years he’s built a CRM team and a customer focus from scratch for Namecheap, include building the email marketing infrastructure, creating customer segmentation and initiating Life Time value models used throughout the business.

About Namecheap’s Expert Summit 2021

How to plan an in-person retreat for your remote team

The team just got back from our first in-person retreat in Montreal. We’re a small team that works remotely, and we’d never all been in the same place at the same time, until last week.

Planning a remote team retreat can be a daunting task, so we wanted to share our learnings in the hopes that it’ll be helpful for other remote teams out there.

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Creating Connection and Building Culture in Your Remote Team

Building connection and creating a distinctive culture will be far harder with a remote team. You must take the lead in making efforts to communicate well.

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�� Introduction to Managing Remote Teams
�� Creating Trust in Remote Teams
�� Helping Build Understanding in Your Remote Team
�� Fostering Responsibility within Your Remote Team
�� Maintaining Productivity in Your Remote Team
�� Getting Sufficient Challenge in Your Remote Team
�� Developing the People in Your Remote Team
�� Taking Care of the Wellbeing of People in Your Remote Team

Engage with everyone in your remote team, frequently. Otherwise, it is all too easy to create a two-tier structure to your team:
• those who are near you, and
• the others, who are far away

Boost frequent virtual communication with in-person visits. If your budget allows, you should:
• Bring remote team members to your hub
• Personally visit members of your virtual team

Establish a regular communication cycle. Communication can be difficult; especially when people are communicating:
• over long distances
• at the ends of their working day
• in a language that is not their first language
‘Little and often’ can be a good guide. Weekly short meetings are better than fortnightly longer meetings.

Think in terms of both team and individual communication. Encourage person-to-person calls between colleagues as a regular part of working.

When you schedule team communication across multiple time zones, be sensitive to the time of day for different team members. If you cannot avoid unsocial hours for some team members, try to rotate the burden.

Face-to-face is the gold-standard for human communication. For that reason:
• An all hands get together beats
• video conferencing, beats
• audio-only teleconferencing, beats
• text-based messaging
Remember that ‘email is the worst form of communication devised by humans, bar none’.

Recognition and Rewards
Recognizing contributions and rewarding successes are valuable ways to create a team ritual.

The Value of Structured Virtual Team Meetings
Keep remote team meetings as short as you can – ideally to 30 minutes or less. But encourage informal chat time at either end of formal meetings. To make the structured part go well, circulate key points, an agenda, and the names of participants in advance.

1. What is the state of your remote team’s culture? Where are the weak points in the connection within it? (2 MC CPD Points)
2. Develop a plan for strengthening connection within your virtual team, and so building a more robust team culture. (3 MC CPD Points)
3. Follow your plan and review progress after 2-4 weeks (3 MC CPD Points)
4. Repeat from step 2

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– The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
– The Wisdom of Teams
– The Belbin Guide to Succeeding at Work
– Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart
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– HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Teams

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Virtual Team Building [REMOTE TEAMS LOVE THIS]

Virtual Team Building [REMOTE TEAMS LOVE THIS] / Are you looking for some virtual team building activities for team building? I’m here to share with you a virtual team building activity that is loved by everyone I’ve introduced it to. What better way to start off a meeting than with team building activities for employees? Virtual team building games are a tried and true way to set up your meeting for success.

Today, we’ll go over:
• One of the best online team building games
• Rules for one of the most loved virtual icebreaker activities for virtual teams
• How to introduce one of the most effective remote team building activities in your meeting
• These team building activities communication benefits for your team

So, if you’re looking for the best team building activities for conference calls, then today’s your lucky day. If you’re excited to learn one of my go-to virtual team icebreakers, then listen up so that I can explain to you how to introduce one of the best remote work games!

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Team Building Activity At Work [EASY AND AWESOME]:


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