Google Pulls The Plug On Hangouts


Google Pulls The Plug On Hangouts

Tech giant shuts down text, video and voice chat app, migrates users to Chat.

Google Hangouts Tutorial – Lesson 39 – Sharing Location

In this tutorial, we will be discussing about Sharing Location in Google Hangouts

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Learn the basics of using Google Hangouts including how to chat, group chat, send pictures, call, video call and adjust Google Hangouts settings.

This lesson has been made using Google Hangouts using Chrome Browser but is applicable for App Version of Google Hangouts Application as well.

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Search Through All Your Google Hangout Chats

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What happened to the Hangouts app? Time to try Google Chat!

The mobile Google Hangouts app is now directing you to use Google Chat in Gmail on your phone. Don’t panic! Chat has your Hangouts conversations and more features.

Everything you need to know about the migration from classic Hangouts to Google Chat:

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Why Scammers use Google Hangouts!

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