Best Practices for Creating Outstanding & Engaging Infographics


Best Practices for Creating Outstanding & Engaging Infographics

How can you make your infographics stand out from the rest? Learn best practices for creating infographics that will educate and engage your audience.

What Makes an Effective Infographic?

An infographic is supposed to be a quick and easy way of conveying information to your audience.

But how do you make sure that you’re creating an effective infographic?

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40 Best Infographic Design Ideas to Jumpstart your Creativity – Learn Infographic Design Tutorial

Are you trying to think outside the box when it comes to your business’s designs? These 40 infographic design ideas can help you to create awesome designs that educate your audience and promote your business. Get started today:

In this video, Mike from Visme is back to show you various infographic types, examples, and why infographics are one of the best marketing tools out there.

Infographics can also be used in teaching, research, and media for better communication and a more powerful impact. This video will show you 40 infographic design ideas you can use depending on your industry, message purpose, and audience.

Visit our blog to learn more about infographic ideas and examples:

You can also download Visme’s FREE beginner’s guide on creating amazing infographics from scratch:

Unsure of where to start when it comes to infographic design? Our visual beginner’s guide which illustrates several types of infographics, those being:

1. A mixed-chart infographic includes a variety of different charts to show data.
2. A list is mostly text that lists information about a given subject.
3. A timeline looks at how a subject has changed over time.
4. A how-to guide is a step-by-step guide to creating something.
5. A flowchart starts at a single point and branches off based on different decisions.
6. A comparison compares and contrasts two different subjects.
7. A location-based infographic uses a map to look at statistics across a wide range.
8. A photo-graphic uses mostly photographs, combined with text, to explain a point.
9. A hierarchical infographic stacks items or subjects based on a predefined level.
10. A single chart is a chart (such as a bar or line graph) that gives statistics on a subject.
11. Visualized numbers add images to statistics to make them more appealing.
12. An anatomical infographic breaks down what makes something work.
13. A visual resume is a resume in infographic form.

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How to Create Animated Infographics | Five Types of Animations For Infographics

When you’re creating infographics, you want to do whatever you can to make sure they stand out – so why not add animation? Creating animated infographics can be a great way to grab viewer attention and keep them engaged. Get started today:

Have you ever considered creating animated infographics to share your information? These shouldn’t be overwhelming, but instead, you can utilize an infographic tool like Visme to create subtle animations that can add to your infographic design.

In this video, we cover five types of animations you can use in your infographics to help them pop off the screen.

Learn how to use animations like:
1:32 Illustrations
2:39 Characters
3:35 Gestures
4:28 Special Effects
5:23 Animated Icons

You can also learn about:
4:47 Adding Entry and Exit Effects
5:43 Animating Charts, Graphs and Data Widgets
6:46 Creating Pop-ups

Click through the above links to learn more about the animations that are most interesting to you!

If you want to create animated infographics, you can easily do so with a tool like Visme. Simply add your animated elements, add entry and exit effects to static elements, animate your data and insert interactive pop-ups as well.

Then you can easily embed your infographic right on your website so that your audience can enjoy your design through a really native experience.

You can check out the blog post version of this video here to learn more:

9 Best Infographic Makers in 2022

Looking for the best infographic maker?

We’ve got your back.

For this video, we have selected 9 best infographic makers of 2022 that will help you transform any data into interesting visuals.

An infographic can tell stories in a more exciting way and help people process information at least 6 times faster than text alone.

Needless to say, infographic maker tools are essential for any business looking to enhance internal collaboration or external communications.


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00:05:23 – Venngage
00:06:21 – Visme
00:07:20 – Adobe Spark
00:08:08 –
00:09:05 – Best free infographic maker



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