4 Ad Customizers to Improve Google Ads Campaign Performance


4 Ad Customizers to Improve Google Ads Campaign Performance

Your Google Ads campaigns need to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Have you tried Ad Customizers yet?

These Google Ads Custom Columns Will Transform Your Campaigns Profitability

Want to level up your ability to identify issues with your campaign, easily track your conversions and profits accurately, and know how to scale things that are working well?

Use Google Ads Custom Columns!

With all the possible combinations of filters inside your campaigns dashboard, it can be confusing to look at the things that you need to track.

That’s why knowing how to add custom columns is going to play a huge role in determining the trajectory of your campaigns–and helping you make better optimization decisions.

Fortunately, John is not only going to teach you how to add custom columns, but also show you the exact custom columns that we use in Solutions 8!

Here are the four different custom columns that you’ll learn in this video:
Avg. Cart Value
Cost Per Conversion (time-based)
Profit (time adjusted)
ROAS (time adjusted)

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Google AdWords Countdown Ads Tutorial – How To Set Up Countdown Ad Customizers in Google Ads

Discover the Google AdWords Ad Countdown Customizers Tutorial – You Can Learn How To Set Up Countdowns with Google Ads. We go over the Google AdWords countdown function and different examples of how you can do it.

Google AdWords countdown ad customizers can help you show limited time offers, short sales, coupons, and deals. They create urgency within your advertisements and you don’t have to continuously update your ads every single day. Instead, you can show sales and it will improve your Google AdWords Click-Through Rates (CTR), quality scores, and conversion rates. There are plenty of use cases that will help you improve sales during the holiday season.

Google Help Article: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/6193743?hl=en &ref_topic=6031980

Countdown functions can help you can down by day, then by hour, and then even by the minute. One simple function with the proper Syntax in your Google advertisement will help create urgency with a limited time offer. For example, it will show that there are 5 days left with your ad, 12 hours left, and even down to the minutes.

From your Google Ads account, you can go to your campaign and click on the Ads & extensions tab. You can click to add a new text ad or edit an existing ad. You can add a countdown using the opening bracket “{” and then using the proper syntax.

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Google Ads Ad Customizers in an RSA World

Now that we can no longer create or edit new Expanded Text Ads, the same rule applies to our ETA ad customizers. This video will cover how ad customizers will work now that we can only use Responsive Search Ads. We’ll also go over the big changes that will happen to your ETA ad customizers by the end of 2022.

0:37 – How Ad Customizers will Change for ETAs in 2022
2:43 – How to Create an Ad Customizer for Google Ads Responsive Search Ads
3:43 – How to Use Keyword Insertion
5:39 – Creating a Countdown In RSAs
8:23 – Options for Using Location Insertion
10:08 – Ad Customizers & Attributes Using Data Feeds

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