Fragments: Daddy

    CN: DD/lg kink. Nobody is related and everyone is over 18.

    Daddy likes little girls who make bad choices. They make terrible decisions, left to their own devices, and they’ll be better off letting him do that for them, he says- and believing him is their most foolhardy decision of all.

    Daddy has very particular tastes in dress and deportment. He likes his fuckdolls wrapped up in plastic like filthy merchandise, flesh displayed by dresses hemmed high and cut low, tottering on stripper heels, boots zipped up at the back over plump thighs. His favourite outfits are hard to get into and harder to get out of; easier to pull up and yank down and to one side for easy access to cunt, ass, nipple. In these clothes they’d need help to disrobe before getting fucked, and he has little interest in doing that.

    But then, Daddy likes little girls who need help with all sorts of things. He likes the dopey, big- eyed, big- titted little fuck- ups, the kind of girls who, at least to begin with, really only know that what they want is what he wants- that pleasure comes from pleasing, that utility is beauty. All they need to know is that there’s no shame in knowing what they’re good for, what they’re best at: licking, sucking, kneeling, letting out little flurries of whimpers and mews that make Daddy’s cock hard, harder than hard, porno hard, flush against his belly hard. And if they don’t know that, well, Daddy makes a point of helping them work it out.

    Daddy likes little sluts who spread their legs and shut the fuck up. On their backs, hands looped behind their knees to pull their legs up and expose their holes, they lie resting, brains emptied by wanting, mouths glossed and open, eyes joyful, pained and affronted. Affronted by his smiling, practised assaults on their dignity- but then, dignity is for the other girls, the sweet clean nice girls, the girls with plans and aspirations, the unruined girls. Dignity is the illusion that she is worth more, this dense little slut, than being a canvas for Daddy’s cum, more than a die with which he rolls the next move in his favourite game.

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