A gift


This gag is a belated birthday present from my most esteemed friend and comrade @Katelessons. Thank you, gorgeous! As soon as I fastened it I had a very strong impulse to get nearly naked and take pictures, and after a dry spell as dusty and mean as 2020 thusfar that was enormously cheering.


Be not deceived: I have most assuredly not spent my long blog holiday getting up to the kind of exciting adventures that might result in some Domly dreamboat possessively looping a collar around my neck. Collared? In this Pandemic? I bought the collar for myself, in an experiment in being my own Dom. I will write about that soon.


Suffice to say- I’m still very single, not on kink holiday any more but practising in a solitary fashion. Going to munches, semi- looking for partners, but not rabidly so (rabidly pursuing sexual or physically close encounters? In this Pandemic?)- more just enjoying a space (outdoor, socially distanced) where I can shoot the shit with people about a common interest which I still tend to keep under my hat even in my super non- judgy non- kink social circle.


Oh and I accidentally came off the Fluoxetine and have been extravagantly enjoying my own company for a few weeks now… But I’ve just been to the doctor and she’s prescribed me Effexor, lol. Which I’m told has less of a bludgeoning effect on the old rummagey impulses but I’ll believe that when I feel it.


I’m not on Twitter at the moment. News headline: lots of things have been the Opposite of Fun over the last six months, and it got to the point where I was spending upwards of five hours a day scrolling the Bird app in a state of horrified inertia. I simultaneously felt disgustingly privileged for my German Normality- adjacent life and wondered when I was going to stop feeling like every bit of energy I had was going to work and self- care and fretting to a disabling degree about how Covid was manifesting in countries I didn’t live in. I was in a state of something very like despair; my mental health was absolutely in the shitter and I had to let something go. And Twitter was the thing. Four weeks later I feel human again, and that’s really precious.


Anyway. Relatively quick and dirty update. I will hopefully have more to say very soon.


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