Eroticon 2019: Meet and Greet

I’m going to Eroticon! I wasn’t sure if I would be but I am!


This will be my first time at Eroticon but I’ve been to enough cons of other sorts to know that, while fun and stimulating, they generally require huge amounts of energy and self- care. Two weeks ago I was on my arse mental health- wise and wasn’t sure that I had enough in the tank to get through a full- on weekend unscathed. Of late I’m feeling much more robust and would be mega fucked off if I had to miss out on something I’ve been looking forward to attending for a full 12 months (more of that below) because of my Stupid Fucking Brain. You just watch me self- caring like a motherfucker all weekend!


(also I’ve paid more than £250 for my ticket and hotel room and I’m tight as fuck, don’t tell anyone)


Tell us three things you are looking forward to about Eroticon 2019


1. So I basically decided to come to Eroticon 2019 whilst sitting in a plastic chair outside a beach hut in Goa exactly one year ago. Eroticon had been on my list of things to do for a while, but I hadn’t clocked the dates before booking my flight to India. It turned out I was flying back to London on the Friday of 2018’s conference; scrolling through Twitter in 90 degree heat I thought about buying a day ticket for Saturday. But I knew that actually it was a bit mad to expect myself to rock up to a conference full of people I’d never met, jetlagged after a 9 hour flight, and for it to be an enjoyable experience.


Better to wait for 2019- and actually, in the meantime why not focus on getting my blog up and running and becoming involved in the sex blogging community so I knew some people and wasn’t wandering around like a prune feeling lonely and left out?


12 months later: well, it hasn’t been smooth sailing, but I have an actual blog with 100 entries (this is the 100th!) and I will know some people, a few of whom I consider proper friends, so mission a-fuckin-ccomplished. As I feel like I’m not someone who often sees plans through to completion, I am looking forward to spending the weekend saying to myself ‘hey babe: you said you were going to do the thing, and look- YOU DID THE FUCKING THING’.


2. There are some people I owe at least one very large hug, and I’m looking forward to ponying up on that debt. One of them I’ll be sharing a room with, so that works.


3. I’m going to be reading a piece on Sunday afternoon, which I’m looking forward to in only insofar as it’s quite an intense bit of writing. I love it but it will probably leave me feeling hyper- adrenalised in the reading, and I’m a fucking exhibitionist adrenaline junkie so I can already predict it will be a fun 5 minutes.




Also, I’m cheating, because this is basically number 4, but is there going to be dancing? I’d really like it if there was some dancing.


We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song.


Make me Feel- Janelle Monae


I love this song because it’s just radiantly, defiantly sexy. Here, watch this performance, which includes many things which make me so happy that I actually cried on watching it: overt references to Prince and vaginas, incredible dancing, pansexual lyrics, and unimpeachably proud Blackness. And…uh… fuck me, the latex. Many, many hearteyes emojis.


Terrible picture quality, but you get the idea


(Also I danced to it topless at Torture Garden last Summer, which was a MOMENT).


What is your favorite item or book you’ve purchased so far this year?


These two ridiculous patches from a shop in Kreuzberg, Berlin:

Seriously. Onto what exactly am I going to iron these ridiculous things?


I also bought a badge which says ‘ANAL PLEASURE AGAINST THE CAPITAL’. When am i going to wear these things? I don’t know. I’m really happy that I own them though.


You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape?


A neverending class pass to my favourite yoga studio and a free taxi I can call when I’m feeling too lazy to walk there, which is most of the time tbh.


What is your favourite quote from a movie?


‘My name is Quizkid Donnie Smith, and I have a lot of love to give… I just don’t know where to put it’.


What is your word suggestion to next years Eroticon anthology?




Complete the sentence:
I feel…


a bit palpitate- y but it’s probably the cacao in the raw chocolate brownie I just ate.

8 Replies to “Eroticon 2019: Meet and Greet“

  1. Ah, I had seen you’d left twitter and was worried you had gone for good. Happy to see this meet and greet and to hear you’re still coming. Look forward to meeting you! I am due to photograph your roommate at some point so I may even bump into you in your hotel! xx

    1. Ah, I might always need the odd mental health break from Twitter, I love it but it doesn’t always agree with me! I’m looking forward to meeting you too. 🙂

  2. You don’t half talk a lot, so I’m very pleased it’s not just me who rambles.

    There’s usually music playing at the Friday Night Meet & Greet. I’m sure there are a good few people (myself included) who wouldn’t be averse to a bit of dancing.

    1. Ha! I am a bit verbose, yes. I try to edit fiction- y stuff a bit more. This was just thought- splurge.

      Well, if there’s room for an impromptu dance floor I’m making that happen. I’m not an extrovert, I just love dancing!

    1. I’m really excited about it on lots of levels- and I suspect you’ll be too busy to hang out, but I’m looking forward to saying hello again!

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