Of my own accord

I ordered this custom- made latex collar because it was suggested by someone I’m fond of and the idea amused me, but now it’s arrived I can’t imagine ever wearing it in public of my own accord. I love love love humiliation play and namecalling, but it’s quite a statement to wear on your body, even in an environment populated by fellow kinksters.


But wearing it because I’ve been told to? Because the person doing the telling wants me to declare what I am, in the spirit of truth in advertising? You know I am 500 million percent into that idea. It makes me think of that definition of submission- that it’s not being forced to do things you don’t want to, but being led to do things you deeply want to but couldn’t- for whatever reason- without that leadership, of your own accord. So perhaps it’ll stay in the dress- up box, then, until such time as someone decides it’s to be worn.

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    1. Thank you! I laughed when I put it on because it’s so ridiculous but there’s also something quite deep and lovely about it too.

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