Something about the Light

This isn’t the post I thought I’d share today- there are lots of things I don’t like about it. But I do like the light, and I am in absolute love with my new satin bed jacket.

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  1. There are lots of things I DO like about it…
    It’s fabulous, the way the light creates the contours – it’s really dramatic because despite the similarity of tone, the contrasting textures and shapes give it real impact.

  2. There is so much to enjoy in this image. I love the fact you have one piece of clothing on, so you are one show but also somewhat hidden, the same goes for the light shining on parts of your breasts (which FYI are another lovely thing to enjoy in this shot) but leaving parts of them in shadows and you’ve got no knickers on but we can’t see what knickers would be covering anyway, so it all feels very teasing and tantalising and I very much enjoy a good tantalising tease :p x

  3. I think everyone will want a bed jacket now. It’s as if it has fallen open to tease us with this glimpse of your wonderful breasts. I am also taken with your hand, which even though it is in the shadows, I can see that it is very elegant.

  4. This is a gorgeous photo! The light is stunning, as are the warm tones, the way your skin absolutely glows, and the way you’ve composed the image so our eye travels. Also, I want a satin bed jacket now.

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