SOSS No. 1- Relationship goals

This is my first #soss post- I’m trying to impose the structure of the meme onto my chaotically ADDled brain, and formally send shouts out to the fabulous writing of some of my fellow bloggers. (Actually, even saying that feels weird- do I really feel like I can call myself a blogger? I have a blog, yes, but do I really think of myself as your fellow? Or is it more that you lot are bloggers and I just… write shit? Come on, self- image! Buck your ideas up! Let’s work on accepting the idea that I might just belong to this brilliant gang).

Anyway. As usual I’ve read some great stuff this week, more than I could fit into one post. It seemed that a theme started to develop- the pieces I enjoyed most were about relationships in all their imperfect, honest, kinky and real glory.

I loved This post by Zebra Rose about the intersections of sex: kinky and vanilla, serious and casual. I identified massively with chunks of it and hope that one day I might find myself in a relationship just as full of love, adventurousness and creativity.

Creative was also the first word that sprang to mind when reading this post from Girl On the Net about negotiation and Magic: The Gathering. I was really sort of awestruck by this bit of writing and feel like the only way to describe it is just to break out a few more adjectives: tender, sad, sexy, awkward, funny, optimistic. Gorgeous stuff.

What is there to say when someone describes real lasting love so exquisitely that it makes your heart swell? Nothing much. Thank you so much for this, Kisungara. Question, perhaps related: Why is there water on my face? Are my eyes leaking?

Addendum: They aren’t on Twitter but they are one of my current writing heroes. Everything Clementine Morrigan writes is relevant to one of my interests, whether it’s kink, trauma, recovery, polyamory, tarot… or the Healing magic of mindful anal sex. I regularly find myself punching the air victoriously when I read Clementine’s thoughts, and as a fellow traumatised buttslut this was no exception.

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  1. Thank you so much again for including me, I really appreciate it. Gosh, I cried writing it, and reading it over. He cried at reading it, and you too! Can’t wait to check out your other recommendations xx

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