TMI Tuesday

I am writing again at the moment, but I haven’t anything ready to go on the blog, and it’s been too long! So here’s some TMI to keep you busy while I labour heartily in the wordmines.

1. You can only keep 3 things: (pick and explain your choices)

Wine or Beer

Well, I love coffee, but having only really started drinking it 3 or 4 years ago and when I consider that I feel ill if I have more than one a day this is a pretty easy call. I don’t eat processed sugar so chocolate is also an easy goodbye, as are wine and beer (13 and a half years since I drank either). I can’t remember the last time I ate a taco- it might have been in Barcelona. There’s some pretty good Mexican food in Barcelona. There’s also a really great sex shop with a cinema and glory hole and an entire wall of dildos arranged by colour to give a beautiful rainbow effect, like something out of Elle Deco. That’s all a propos of nothing but it was one of my Barcelona highlights.

So that leaves books, Netflix, and jewellery. I love reading, films and box sets and although I don’t wear a lot of jewellery I do enjoy getting spangled up every now and again, especially when I’m feeling low. I am half culture vulture and half magpie!

2. If your job gave you a surprise 3-day paid break, what would you do with those three days?

I would fly to Berlin with a kinky friend and visit all the clubs I couldn’t go to because the friends I was there with are literally the most vanilla people I know. (Love them, but it’s true). I would also eat breakfast twice, because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and the Germans knock it out of the park.

3. Have you ever had a threesome? What was the configuration?

I haven’t had a threesome. I came close on my birthday this year, but the third was a bit drunk and snoozy and went to bed, leaving her partner to go down on me lavishly on the sofa. She had promised to try and stay awake for as long as possible so she could hear him fucking me, the thought of which made me very wet indeed (as did he- his tongue is a magical thing). In retrospect it occurs to me that If I had been less dozy in the morning I could have jumped into bed with them and there’s a good chance we would have ended up going for it then, but the combination of four hours’ sleep, no breakfast and a couple of orgasms left me feeling not too sharp. I regret this, and have made my mind up that I need to remedy the situation soon.

I can tell you what I’d like the configuration to have been- she is a Top/ Domme and wears a strap- on with enormous panache. I’d like to have been fucked by both of their cocks at the same time. I’d like that very much indeed.

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  1. Too bad your threesome didn’t work out. I’ve never even gotten that close…then again, I never tried too. Here’s to future threesomes and luck with developing content for your blog!

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